Thursday, 12 January 2012


"My Maariamma bays for blood.My Kali kills. My Draupadi strips. My Sita climbs on to a stranger’s lap. All my women militate. They brave bombs, they belittle kings…. Call me names if it comforts you. I no longer care. "

Writes Meena Kandasamy, celebrating the loud, slutty sensibility and the new discovered power in women.
She lashes out at a Toronto police officer’s remark – “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised” – to York University  students during a campus-safety briefing.
Men need to understand- that a short dress is NOT a yes! But unfortunately, its nearly next to impossible to expect this from half of the male population in India. 

Kandasamy further quotes:  

It is flawed logic to expect Indian men to not indulge in leching, leering, groping, harassing, molesting and raping women on the streets when they are seasoned wife-beaters at home. According to UN statistics, more than two-thirds of married Indian women have experienced domestic violence; when our homes are unsafe, it is impossible to imagine our streets will turn safe unless we address the fundamental assumption that men have a right to control women’s bodies.

"Nazar teri buri, burkha main pehnu ?"- were the headlines in Delhi Times as hundreds of women took to streets to protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring any aspect of a woman's appearance.   
If a house is robbed because the window was open, who is to be held responsible for it? Obviously the robber and not the robbed. But alas, here many will accuse the robbed for keeping the window open as an 'invitation' to him. Same is the case with the women.
Eve teasing froze the nation. In the day-light, with hundred cowards as spectators, women are pushed into their graves of shame. Many watch with anguish in their eyes, while others with the desire to call for help, yet no one steps forward to save the innocent soul.
I am a dead woman,
 A victim who became a show for many
Yearning for a Krishna to save this Draupadi
now my heart stops me to step out
' you might become a prey again' it shouts out loud.

Life was squeezed out from many women souls returning form work at three in the morning. Yet hundreds of women work at call centers, BECAUSE SHE IS STRONG.
Drunk men harass girls at bars. Yet many women work there and serve them without any fear, BECAUSE SHE IS STRONG
Short dresses are a 'come and molest me' for millions. Yet women have the courage to dress the way they want to, BECAUSE SHE IS STRONG
Domestic violence and demand for dowry still surface. Yet every women wishes to marry and live peacefully. BECAUSE SHE IS STRONG

There  is light at the end of the tunnel and she will feel it one day
she will rise up, beyond harassment, worthlessness and slay
She has the right to live the way she wants, and she will
call her a slut or whore, her lips will stay still
If a man can go to bars and discos, so can she
time is changing , today she is equal to he
Let our tongues unite, not to call her names
but to give her respect and uncover her from shame
She has arrived to prove every man wrong
that She is not weak, she is STRONG!



  1. WOW!!!
    Realy nice....n yes SHE IS STRONG!

  2. wow is all i can say when words and thoughts are as beautiful and strong as a woman !

  3. bringing up issue is good , doing justice to them is great !
    amazing work. keep it up

  4. this is one of your best article !

  5. a woman always has much more will and self resistance than men !
    and she is STRONG

  6. the closing part is just unbelievably well

  7. I wish that the strength will be passed on across the generations.